WAKE's "Sowing the seeds of a worthless tomorrow" OUT NOW!


Available as LP w/ Download code and Digital through us in Europe  and NERVE ALTAR in the States, CD via EverydayHate and Tape through Sentient Ruin Laboratories!





13/ 15   "WAKE prove in only 19 minutes how pissed off, and even dangerous, modern extreme music in 2016 is still able to sound" 


Rock Hard:

8/ 10  "The multifaceted wealth put in these only 20 minutes inferno is really remarkable. Intense Record!" 


Invisible Oranges: 

"Wake is pissed. Granted, most grindcore bands are angry, but Wake’s music spits, stomps, and bucks with an unbridled, animalistic ferocity."


Heavy Blog Is Heavy: 4.5/ 5  

"It’s a shame this band isn’t being talked about in the same breath as modern grind bands such as Torch Runner and Rotten Sound, because with Sowing The Seeds of A Worthless Tomorrow, WAKE have dispelled any notion that they’re unfit to be modern grind royalty."



"Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow is eight tracks of the quintet showing off, well, everything I mentioned up above but with harsher production, tighter execution and somehow a few extra doses of absolute carnage."



"The infamous and terrifying avant-grind horde from Calgary, Alberta has prepared the battlefiled for what is destined to be one the most humiliatingly devastating and bone-shattering extreme metal releases of the year. "


BEATROUTE Exclusively streams WAKE'S "better living through apathy"

DECIBEL exclusively streaming WAKE's "Wretched Tongues"

Wake streaming at Deciblog

CVLTNATION exclusively streaming WAKE's "LOW" !

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Releasdate: Feb. 26, 2016


A whole new level of violence and aggression from Canada's most infamous grindcore killing machine. WAKE's third full length album is a war zone of ferocious and swarming aggression that elevates the bar of grindcore to an entire new level, opening massive wounds in the listener's perceptions with a vicious and unrelenting onslaught of grindcore, sludge, black metal, crust and crippling post-hardcore.


Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Joel Grind at Falcon Studios 

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege 

Art and Layout by Hal Rotting



USA: Nerve Altar, CD: EverydayHate, MC: Sentient Ruin Laboratories




New WAKE LP Coming in spring 2016


Teaser video for the upcoming WAKE LP through us - 7DegreesRecords, Nerve Altar in US, EveryDayHate on CD, Sentient Ruin Laboratories on TAPE


more to be announced soon