27. October 2020

KRATZER - Full Album Stream on

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Listen to the whole new Kratzer LP and read the song-by-song comments at the good guy from


LP is out on 29th, pre-orders are shipped tomorrow, if you want to get your hands on a shirt bundle , be quick!!


05. October 2020

KRATZER - premiere of "DRECK" and album review on NO CLEAN SINGING

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"Just listening to their songs makes you want to kick over the furniture and ram your head into the walls."


"That primal, explosive power and riotous energy in their music leaves an immediate and lasting impression"


"he whole song has the pulsing quality of an over-driven heart about to tear itself apart, but the heart-bursting, gritty-toned riffage is leavened with longer chords that give the music a bleaker and more distraught quality. And just when you think the song can’t become more explosive or riotous, it does — finding a higher gear, opening up the supercharger on the engine, and going out in a blaze of furious glory."

26. September 2020

KRATZER premiere song "Error" on NOECHO.NET

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11. September 2020

DEPHOSPHORUS' "Sublimation" is out now and shipping


SUBLIMATION, the new album of Dephosphorus is out TODAY and shipping!


The LP has truly turned out to sound and look just awesome!


180g heavy weight vinyl, lim. Edition in crystal clear, 4 pg. 12inch inlay, sticker, A2 poster, download code.



09. September

DEPHOSPHORUS' "Sublimation" is streaming exclusively in full at CVLT NATION

"To say we’re honored that be streaming Sublimation in full below would be a lie, because we are extremely honored and proud to have such a killer record on CVLT Nation! Respect due to Dephosphorus for kicking ass again – this is a sound that can’t be duplicated!"


Thank you for such kind words and for exclusively streaming the new Dephosphorus album in full, Sean Reveron and CVLT Nation!

07. September 2020

KRATZER - Alles Liegt In Scherben LP –Pre-Order is up & 1st single "Staub" streaming now


German noisemongers KRATZER will release their new album “...Alles liegt in Scherben” on 29th October 2020 via 7 Degrees Records / 783 Punx.


“...Alles liegt in Scherben” (“all is lying in cullets”) is the band's first full length album. Formed in 2012, KRATZER blend influences ranging from Swedish crust/d-beat bands, US hardcore/punk and extreme metal.


Although comparisons to From Ashes Rise, Victims and The Secret are understandable and locatable, the band's signature blend of raw hardcore with the texture of extreme metal is here highlighted by the consummate hand of experience, giving stunning credence to the riff, the song and the meaning.



After a Split LP with Greek Grinders KVAZAR and a 4-way-Split 12” some time later they frequently got on the road and have played about a 100 shows all over Germany - with bands such as Fredag 13:e, Parasight and Yacøpsae, including tours with rha., Vladimir Harkonen and Sarkast.


During that time KRATZER were able to consolidate their reputation as a powerful live act and their musical style and make it a sound of their very own. Singer Marché’s pissed off screaming in his mother tongue German, makes one feel the anger and despair sticking in every word. Combined with the tight riffs and fast d-beats, gloomy breaks and metallic leads wrapped up in a thick wall-of-sound production, the outcome has become an absolutely dark and heavy yet hard rocking piece of music and an angry comment on the world we live in.

04 . September 2020

BAIN DE SANG 12" is out TODAY!

04. September 2020

DEPHOSPHORUS reveal 2nd song, Titletrack of "SUBLIMATION"!


Listen to "Sublimation":


10. August 2020

DEPHOSPHORUS reveal 1st song of "SUBLIMATION"!


Listen to "Multiple-Dimension Descriptor":


03. Aug. 2020

DEPHOSPHORUS - Sublimation LP Ready for Pre-Order. coming  11th Sept. 2020

7Degrees Records couldn't be more proud to announce another upcoming album of a band we're successfully working with for the last 10 years!


DEPHOSPHORUS - Sublimation LP will be out on Sept. 11, 2020!


Besides a standard black vinyl, there will as well be a LIM. PRE-ORDER EDITION OF 100 on GLASS CLEAR VINYL


All LPs are pressed on 180g vinyl, contain a 4 pg. 12" inlay, A2 Poster, Sticker & Download Card


There will be Shirts and LP/ Shirt - Bundles. Simply check our PRE-ORDER SECTION !




“The most soaring, magnificent, ethereal cathedrals to reason, faith or anything else were as mere unkempt and dilapidated hovels compared to the constructions – if they could even be described as such – within the Sublime.” (Iain M. Banks, The Hydrogen Sonata)


 “Sublimation” is an album recorded by 4 guys who appreciate good sci-fi literature and enjoy playing riff-centric, rhythmically intense underground music.


It has been heavily inspired by the late Iain M. Banks’ concept of Sublimation, as explored in the master’s final sci-fi novel,  “The Hydrogen Sonata”.


It is Dephosphorus’ 4th full-length album and it presents a few notable differences compared to the rest of their discography, which are up to the audience to find out.


Old allies of the band have joined forces for the physical release: Selfmadegod (Poland) for the CD, 7 Degrees Records (Germany) and Nerve Altar (USA) for the black vinyl edition which includes a poster, with a clear version of 100 copies reserved for pre-orders (both black and clear versions have been pressed to 180g wax).


Last but not least, the record’s atmosphere has taken visual shape thanks to Viral Graphics.




07. July 2020

BAIN DE SANG 12" - Ready For Pre-Order!!!!

The pre-orders are up for the one-sided 12" with a screenprinted on the B-side, housed in a screenprinted cardboard cover.



Formed in Paris, Bain de Sang is a grindcore band with powerviolence, D-beat and crust influences, with former members of prominent French scene's bands like Blockheads, Comity, Judoboy, Sofy Major or Department of Correction.

It's brutal and bestial, plays loud and fast, doesn't give any chance to the listener to take his breathe, in the exact line of Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Nails or Napalm Death.


After a first act in 2015 "We Are The Blood, We Are The Fear", released in LP 12" on Emergence Records and Dingleberry Records, Bain de Sang is back in business with "Sacrificed For A Load Of Filth And Lies", scheduled for September 4, 2020.


This second opus is available for listening on all streaming platforms since July 3, 2020


It was produced, once again, at TOTA Studio by Jean-François Di Rienzo.

Bain de Sang has already appeared in renowned festivals such as Obscene Extreme and Hellfest, and has also shared the stage with bands like Magrudergrind, Primitive Man, Gadget, Rotten Sound, Fuck the Facts, Cloud Rat, Implore, Harm Done …




"...It takes only 11 minutes for the seven tracks on Sacrificed For A Load Of Filth And Lies to rampage through your cranium, almost too fast to take in, but the EP leaves a powerful impression, and you’ll probably find yourself letting it run riot through your mind a few more times in straight succession...."



20% on EVERYTHING! Webshop and Bandcamp Til June 21st 2020!!

Hey Folks,


there are a lot of releases coming out soonish this year from 7Degrees Records, as there are a new KRATZER LP, the Vinyl edition of  the SUFFERING QUOTA / HERIDA PROFUNDA / PSYCHONEUROSIS - 3-way Split, that are both long overdue. The new DEPHOSPHORUS LP is in the plant,  for the BAIN DE SANG - 12" the covers are silkscreened right now, the Vinyl edition of the latest KRUPSKAYA album is still in planning mode and the EVISORAX LP is hitting the pressing plant this month.


The Pre-order of some of the mentioned records will also be announced as soon as possible.




So, as you guess, we'll need plenty of space within a relatively short time range, that's why we're trying to lure you with a 20% discount on EVERY ITEM in the webshop AND on Bandcamp.

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GERMANY / EU: shipping possible without restrictions 

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If you have questions, get in contact BEFORE ordering and we'll figure sth out...

That's it for now, have fun looking through the store, stay safe, and let's all get out of the madness unharmed...

Best wishes!


7Degrees Records

17. January 2020


02. January 2020


Hey Folks,


2019 is gone and in retrospective it was not the most successful year for the label. We should have released many more records that we have been working on for a long time that got delayed on and on for several reasons. Sales could have been better for sure... Well, sometimes shit happens big time... 

...we're missing some good people who were taken from us due to accidents and sickness... cheers to Lababsi and Sonia/Psychoneurosis, wherever you may be...


Nevertheless, despite all the backlashes, we'll go on releasing great records this year, so, new albums you can already get excited about are from good bands and friends like SERPENT EA†ER (out Jan. 17th, pre-order is still on!!), KRATZER, SUFFERING QUOTA/ HERIDA PROFUNDA/ PSYCHONEUROSIS, DEPHOSPHORUS, just to name a few...


A HUGE Thank you to all the bands and labels that I'm humbled to work with, to all the labels and distros that carry my releases, to all the people who order my records, to all the Zines that support us in many ways...


All the best for 2020 to you all!!!





13. Deccember 2019