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YACÖPSAE - Gästezimmer CD

Almost 25 years of YACØPSÆ … Time for a tribute? Not at all! The band still like the AMEBIX slogan: "No gods, no masters"! Nevertheless, YACØPSÆ was always well-known for brewing out some freaky ideas (just check their huge output and you'll know what we mean), so the concept of a "Guest room" EP was born, whilst we were hanging around somewhere and joking about how to celebrate the "next" anniversary! Actually, no big deal … Eventually, the band invited a bunch of different people from around the globe to "sing" for them. 15 tracks, each one lasting about 30 seconds, and placed twice (subdivided in two sides: male/ female). All participants had to create own lyrics and to record the vocals by their own. In addition, each person needed to write down a few neutral sentences about the very first encounter with YACØPSÆ, and sending a photo. Basically, the whole idea is not that new or original, though the list of our guests is impressive, so here we go:


01. Julia (BÄD INFLUENCE/ Germany)
02. Katja (VÖLKERMORD/ Germany)
03. Alexandra (CROWSKIN/ Germany)
04. Mareike (UNHOLY HANDJOB/ Germany)
05. Jess (4-LOM/ Canada)
06. Diana (URSUS/ Colombia)
07. Martina (AUNTY PANTY/ Canada)
08. Ami (VÖETSEK/ USA)
10. Melanie (THRASHING PUMPGUNS/ Germany)
11. Sanja (DEPARTURE/ Germany)
12. Leonie (SVFFER/ Germany)
13. Carmen (Not in a band/ Germany)
14. Sabina (HOLY MOSES/ Germany)
15. Peppels (STAHLSCHWESTER/ Germany)
16. Mirko (MONDIAL/ Germany)
17. Dany (DEAD/ Germany)
18. Flupp (CHAOSFRONT/ Germany)
19. Klaus (RAZORS/ Germany)
20. Karl Nagel (KEIN HASS DA/ Germany)
21. Fabian (PELVIC THRUST/ Germany)
22. IRATE ARCHITECT (Complete/ Germany)
23. Kerem + Alper (RADICAL NOISE + LIFELOCK/ Turkey)
24. Damon McCoy (ZABØGART/ Indonesia)
25. Bert und Jens (BIZARRE X/ Germany)
26. Giulio (CRIPPLE BASTARDS/ Italy)
27. Wawan (HOLIDAYXSUCKERS/ Indonesia)
28. Chris Dodge (INFEST/ USA)
29. CORROSIVE (Complete/ Germany)
30. Martin (EA80/ Germany)


Additionally, a bunch of 45 kids in the age between 3 and 5 years is singing "Brother Jakob" in five different speeches (German, English, French, Turkish, and Spanish). Think about where we got our name from, eh? Stoffel went to a friend's kindergarten to organize the huge choir of cute and awesome kids, and to record the tracks, exclusively. The stuff will be used as intro, midtro and outro.

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YATTAÏ- Fast Music means Love CD

The Yattaï's "Fast Music means Love" one-sided LP is now released on CD version. CD contain the 16 tracks form the LP and 5 new ones, recorded for this release. It also contains the 23 tracks from the "Alive and Lovin'" tape. Bert, guitarist of the mighty GRÜNT GRÜNT crew, made a new artwork to keep it fresh. Don't expect anything else than 44 blast hymns for grindheads! Recommended for fans of: Quattro Stagioni, Hellnation, Magrudergrind, Hatred Surge.




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YELLOW DEVIL SAUCE - Early Dinner At Dr. Chakravarti's CD

Alternative/ grunge rock from Greece! The bands' heavy rock sound is mainly influenced by the Seattle scene, as well as bands like Tool and Stone temple pilots.


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