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ZEROID - 2004 CD
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ZEROID - 2004 CD

HARDCORE. That's it, the final statement of Hamburg's ZEROID. Well, they got together one last time to record eight depressive, dark and brutal tracks of their own! Forget what you would expect from this outstanding bands, they'll blow you away with darkened destruction of an ending nightmare. The record was produced by the famous Dirk Kusche. All over the record they create a dark and devastating mood with a crushing wall of sound as well as short melodic pieces that are over and over again interrupted by their shattering darkness of cutting guitar riffs and punishing drums & stomping bass lines. ZEROID could be called the pissed version of NEUROSIS or the darker version of ACME because they combine dark apocalytically tunes with crushing metallic hardcore. If you never heard of these German's before get this record, with their last effort they created their best work to date and one of the most exceptional "hardcore" records. "Suicide Rock"!

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