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CASING - Patterns Of Deterioration MC


"Patterns of Deterioration” is a six song dive into depravity, nihilism, and desperation that instantly positions this new project among the most lauded voices in noise-punk, as well as strong links forged with grindcore, sludge and powerelectronics.


What began as quarantine-era stagnation relief, birthed a solo, worship-project extending its corroding hands out to fans of the mired negativity of Dystopia, Column Of Heaven, and Intensive Care. No contrived nomenclature or genre positing can nail down what Alec Tullio (Zek/Maladia) is doing sonically with Casing, but the demeanor and ethos of a punk eschewing the confines of guitar-based music for noise is unmistakable.


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copy of a copy - "this is it" TAPE

Check out this awesome punkrock band from france. Similar to bands  like STRIKE ANYWHERE and NO TRIGGER. Personally reminds me of  early  DAG NASTY  stuffs, awesome check em out! Lim. To 50 copies



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