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3 tracks of Swedish D-Beat crust for RAW HATE and 4 tracks of Swedish Grindcore with a Hardcore influence. Limited to 600 copies



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Lycanthrophy / Blood I Bleed - Split 10"

Bones Brigade info: „Bones Brigade Records is always and of course glad to contribute to the progression of LYCANTHROPHY’s discography. Indeed, after the new album, we are back with new songs still contain "stop and go" style, a massive uncompromising rage, but also an ultra aggressive sound under the influence of anger. A split 10” with on B side BLOOD I BLEED, After all these meetings, concerts, festivals after all these years, finally we realize a vinyl, very honored that we can gather our strength after all this time, was under the name of My Minds Mine and now BLOOD I BLEED In a very different Grindcore, here it is chaos, no pity, grind leaving no survivors.“



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