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TEETHING - We Will Regret This Someday CD

 “We Will Regret This Someday” is the excruciating first album from Spain's most obnoxious cratediggers. After six long years of countless seven inches TEETHING return with 12 tracks of no-bullshit, pissed-off, grindcore with hardcore edge. This chronicle is not only their most sincere work to date, it's a firm slap in the face. Recorded and mixed at Sadman Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege (NAILS, WEEKEND NACHOS, WAKE, MAGRUDERGRIND). Highly recommended for fans of NAILS, NAPALM DEATH, MAGRUDERGRIND, WEEKEND NACHOS.

01. Mic Check
02. You And Your Fucking Car
03. Setting Fires
04. Up In Smoke
05. Filipino Violence
06. Just Kids
07. White Cross Introduction
08. White Cross Inversion
09. Take Me To A Doctor
10. Subway Rat
11. Life Is Peachy
12. An Open Letter To My Best Friend


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TEETHING- The Map Says We're Fucked CD

A compilation CD featuring all Teething releases during the 2011/ 2014. A collection of long out of print EP’s, splits, and compilation songs and such. Including 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes. Intense, rough, brutal and extreme grind core with powerviolence/ hardcore influences.



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TINNER "in league with satan" CD

Finnish crazy D-beat - discography - This CD contains most material that Tinner have released - except the very first demo that is only availible in Japan from Reset Not Equal Zero.

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Total Fucking Destruction disrupts and destroys with the new album "Hater", a furious and stylized experiment of post-apocalyptic groove, crushing pedal-to-the-metal grind together with rock, punk, jazz and thrash to form a powerful work of grindcore art.

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Trenches – EP Digipak CD

Trenches is a down temp, sludgetastic band hailing from Galway, Ireland. Recently putting out a 5 track ep, it is their first solid release.



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