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TEETHING- The Map Says We're Fucked CD

A compilation CD featuring all Teething releases during the 2011/ 2014. A collection of long out of print EP’s, splits, and compilation songs and such. Including 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes. Intense, rough, brutal and extreme grind core with powerviolence/ hardcore influences.



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TINNER "in league with satan" CD

Finnish crazy D-beat - discography - This CD contains most material that Tinner have released - except the very first demo that is only availible in Japan from Reset Not Equal Zero.

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Total Fucking Destruction disrupts and destroys with the new album "Hater", a furious and stylized experiment of post-apocalyptic groove, crushing pedal-to-the-metal grind together with rock, punk, jazz and thrash to form a powerful work of grindcore art.

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Trenches – EP Digipak CD

Trenches is a down temp, sludgetastic band hailing from Galway, Ireland. Recently putting out a 5 track ep, it is their first solid release.



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