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Le Kraken - st MCD

This is crushing stuff, each song a compact three-to-four minutes filled with gruff,

roaring vocals, majestic droning riffs and quieter,

almost Slint/Godspeed-like parts, bursts of ferocious midpaced crusty hardcore,

slow pounding sludge riffs.

for fans of From ashes rise, Cult of luna, Doomriders



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LEVEL ABOVE HUMAN - Final Anthropic Principle CD

Technical Slamming Brutal Death Metal. For fans of Dripping, Malignancy, Disgorge, old Cephalic Carnage. Feat. Uffe(on vox) of ex-Stabwound.

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LIVET SOM INSATS- Check your grind CD

After four years the Swedish grind trio Livet som insats is back with Check Your Grind album. This time it's faster and more on-point than ever. 24 songs in 23 minute says it all! It's fast! Intense swedegrind with no remorse.



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