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V.A. - Incident At Ape Canyon CD

it's all about for me: a bunch of great bands, released in cooperation with a bunch of great labels throughout the world, and sold at a cheap price. No coloured vinyl, no "NO TRADES, WHOLESALE ONLY!", no exclusive licence deals: just a whole CD's worth of great underground music.

Everything here is exclusive to this release, and included here are: Violent Headache (Spain), Captain Three Leg (USA), Wadge (Canada), Iron Butter (USA), Rupture (Australia), Fossil Fuel (USA), Pantalones Abajo Marinero (Japan), Whoretorn (France) and Dysmorfic (Italy). A solid 80 minutes of fantastic underground metal, the highlights for me are the VH tracks (originally intended to be a split 12" with Anticlerical in 1996), great all-over the place stuff from the impossible-to-pin-down Captain Three Leg, Wadge's intense and unique brand of grind, a top bunch of savage Ozzy grind from Rupture's sessions for the Brutal Truth split, and total retarded drum machine daftness from tardcore legends (and Sockeye project) Fossil Fuel. Get it!!!

Massive thanks on this one go to Andy from Mortville Noise. A really good guy who essentially organised the whole project and probably doesn't care about taking any of the praise. Cheers pal!


500 copies on CD w/8 page booklet. The following labels are involved, please buy from your closest label to save on postage costs: DIY Noise (USA), Hurts to Hear Records (USA), Pure Fckn' Hate Prod. (France), Luchacore Records (S.Korea)


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VALGRIND - Seal Of Phobos MCD

Italian Death Metal worshippers VALGRIND return one year after their widely acclaimed "Speech Of The Flame" with the new blood claiming EP "Seal Of Phobos".

Vocalist & bass player Daniele Lupidi states:
"This is probably our most aggressive material to date. All of the four tracks are extremely intense and we decided to go with a different vocal approach for every tune to give each one its own strong identity. We're also extremely happy to have Jonny Petterson (Wombbath Ashcloud, Henry Kane) doing some guest vox on "Ekphora's Day". Last but not least, this is the first studio appearance for our new guitarist Umberto Poncina, who also engineered and mixed the EP."

For fans of Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Cruciamentum.



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VISCERA/// '3 - Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals DIGI CD

The third album from Viscera/// is an extremely impressive and enjoyable listen. With variety, depth and a comprehensive tour of the extreme metal landscape, this is an album that'll be ruling my playlists for quite some time to come. An essential listen for fans of underground hostility. 

- Wonderbox Metal 



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VUUR - discography CD

ten songs from compilation and various split with AMEN-RA, SEEIN RED plus a born against cover, and with two live tracks powerful raging manic screaming ultra-emotional melodies...... a chaotic mix of reversal of man, acme, drop dead, rorschach


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