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 Latest stormer from this Swedish Hardcore Crust outift and they've gone for the dreaded 10" format this time!

Luckily, the sound doesn't suffer as it's still powerful and tight as fuck.

I think this might be my favourite release by them so far, and i've followed them from their first 7" back in 2012.

This has some absolute belters on it, it's like they've fine tuned their sound from the original crusty raw punk thrashy style to something along the lines of TOTALITAR / WOLFPACK.

Features members of MAKABERT FYND, IRRITATION and others..

Pretty much a faultless release and a definite keeper.Great colour artwork too, in their own distinctive style.


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Tolosian plebs and long-time-no-see swiss cross their swords on this exclusive 10” split, each band carving their grooves with an unique twelve minute-long track

On tail side, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND confirms their hegemony in terms of frightening chaos : the ghostly “I.W.W.O.Y.T.W.Y.W.O.M” starts like a long and punishing funeral procession, just before the thunder strikes the cortege. Becoming less hardcore-oriented and more experimental - while always sustaining a rare intensity-, the band leaves their comfort zone with this hypnotic track swinging between sludge/drone and black metal.

Heads, after seven years of silence and a full-length (“Initial”) that left a deep impression, “A.F.D.N.T.E.D.E.V.L.S.” marks the comeback of CORTEZ’s acrid and corrosive noisecore. Still bass-less, still as harsh as ever, the swiss trio delivers a massive piece filled with a nearly luminous imperial slowness. An opportunity to check that the band hasn’t lost its touch, entangling crushed rhythms and powerful emotional discharges.

• Artwork by Romail Barbot ~ 
• Mastered by Carl Saff 
• 10" limited to 500 copies, co-release with Basement Apes (FR) & Get A Life! (CH)





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PRIMITIVE MAN / HEXIS - split 10" (US-Import)

denver vs denmark.
one track each. 45rpm.

absolutely crushing doom/sludge against a menacing storm of blackened hardcore.
one track each.




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Profit and Murder - Extreme Dislike 10" (Gatefold)

Finally a new sign of life from germoney reincarnation of such like RAW NOISE and ENT. Brutal and full throttle hardcore punk / crustcore with 8 new tracks held on a 10" vinyl packed in a 10" sized hardcover gatefold. Pretty good stuff if you're into "Scandinavian Crustcore / Käng" with a bit more diversity in the song writing and a thick and heavy production. Deffo a winner on this sector.



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PROTESTANT stalemate 10" (repress) US pressing

6 new songs of fast, heavy, dark midwestern hardcore. their 10th release aptly released on the 10" format. Second Pressing of 300.
300 copies on coke bottle clear vinyl.
Fold over covers printed at Econopress.
‘vintage style’ brown sleeves 
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