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Marrowbiter - Demo TAPE


dark and destructive Sludge with some Black Metal & Crust vibes to it. 


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Eternal Dread: Recorded when it was possible between the Bunker (Stoke) and Costa Del Thrash (Stoke). Work on a full album will start soon and will rekindle a relationship with noise, samples and electronic elements as found on the ill-fated demo. During the making of this split the songs featured were more organically riff orientated than expected. Eternal Dread continues to be an exploration of past and present influences in pursuit of doom laden catharsis. 

Independence, Liberty and Pain. Eternal Dread will not play any live performances and will not release outside of the DIY sphere. For collaborations and splits feel free to get in touch but often it will not be possible for these things to happen as the pace of Eternal Dread is slow both musically and in terms of output. 


Metus Obscuritatis: Two dark ambient explorations of ritual, solemnity and bleak sound. Celebrating his ancestral celtic roots and a growing interest in the occult, Oíche Shamhna and Lá Samhna examine the festival of samhain through a dark lens. 

Although there is a marked difference in approach there is a shared understanding that offers this cassette a sense of continuity.



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MERKIT – discography TAPE

Sounds Like: Left for Dead with blast beats, screamo-influenced song structures/dynamics, and heavy parts that sound like Indecision. They were also one of the few bands who completely embodied the D.I.Y. ethic that many bands merely pay casual lip service to: they hand-printed their own shirts, cut/glued/printed their own vinyl covers from recycled jackets, booked their own tours, and each member ran their own labels and zines.


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