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Reflections of Internal Rain - Last Flood TAPE

Great powerful screamoish neocrust from Serbia. This Taperelease by Shitpiece recs. from Austria makes you definitely wann to hear more of them. Lim. To 50 copies



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RvEvv - MMXII MC (red tape)



the second endeavor for SISSTER SSOUND with the UK's drone master RVEVV. this time coming as a split label release from his own private imprint STRIVVE RECORDINGS. this MMXII cassette picks up right where the MMXI tape left off. with the previous being more a collection of tracks never released in a physical form, this most recent cassette is a calculated, cohesive unit. with one song flowing seamlessly into the next, leading down a sonic path of despair. delivering 8 tracks in just under 40 minutes, RVEVV's 'MMXII' builds mammoth guitar rooted walls of sound, all contained in digestible spans. interspersed with minimal samples, field recordings and harsh noise, without ever losing the underlying melody not present in many offerings within the genre.

strictly limited to 60 copies, with 30 on red shells for US distribution, 30 on grey for the UK. each cassette comes housed in a full color jcard with b&w back designed by GIVE UP, along with a second black on black over-cover card with a cut out window.




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