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Euglena - Близость 10"

Euglena wiggles like the parasitic worm it is through your brain and plants his offspring there that will let you endure the diversity of speeds this ferocious hardcore band has to offer. The screeching scream vocals show a lot of potential when used in the more intimate and slow moments. The powerful post mathcore reminds me of the more experimental side of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean and Poison the Well. Not much of an innovator, this Euglena, but they make up for it with enthusiasm, intensity and well played speed!



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Limited to 300, clear vinyl.


Red nation's EUGLENA is as dissonant as noise. Taking previous works to a higher level of revigorating apnea. The Russian know-how, plus a bit of an emotional power, steps up according a nauseous tendancy to urgent and tight riffs.


Since their formation, GENERAL LEE had set out to create a tense musical climate; mixing heavy metallic riffing with melancholic icy oppressive atmospheres over cathartic hardcore screaming.



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