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2LEGSBAD - Rant Is My Spell, Money My Wand


Lim. to 100 LPs!!!


Metallic Hardcore. 

Reminds me a bit of Bands like Neglect etc...


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100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl - Teeth Fletcher DoLP

 100,000 TONNEN KRUPPSTAHL prepare to bury listeners' ears in crumbling valve warmth on their third full length 'Teeth Fletcher'. One enormous track in four parts, the German guitar/drums duo build a twisted tone shrine from doom and noise components. Strong references can be found amongst the foundation to groups like The Melvins and Bongripper, with layers of supremely fuzz drenched guitar churning above a core of dynamic, rolling drums that refuse to sit still. This is Doom with drive.

'Teeth Fletcher' plays almost like prose, it has themes and returns to ideas, book-ending sections with a remembered riff or drum pattern. The vocals come (as much of the album does) in a layered style, ranging from shouting and drawn out almost spoken word sounding sections, to demonic sounding howls and screeching. These vocals mimic the dynamics and pacing of the instruments, and they vary their pace rhythmically. At it's fastest it is hard not to have bands like High On Fire spring to mind, with the punishing drums and growling riffs overtaking each other in true Motor-charged fashion.

100,000 TONNEN KRUPPSTAHL do not even flirt with pretension on 'Teeth Fletcher', there are no drawn out noise atmospheres, no technical guitar licks, nothing to distract from the power of the riff and the strength of the individual performances. The drums are strong and present throughout, never sitting still or abating in their consistent pummeling, the guitar has that perfect noise tinged fuzzy doom sound, wrapping the brain of the listener in a warm blanket and transporting them to some other world from beginning to the end of the release.

A monumental effort worthy of the legacy Sleep left with Dopesmoker. The eternal doom track! 


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THE 4 SIVITS – time has gone by 12" + CD

unfortunately the farewell release of this 4 pretty good dudes. After tons of releases they come up with there best material ever on the that record. this shit just knocks me out. straight-forward and pissed hardcore that brings me back in the good old days. fast and angry like it should be. besides that they still keep an eye on pretty good melodys, so you never get bored. i guess they get realy close to classics like negative approach without being a catchy copy. good game dudes !!! this fine piece of vinyl comes in a massive silkscreened gatefold cover and with complete discography cd with all the stuff they ever put out.

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6MAS- Rape the earth 12"LP

Black vinyl limted to 500 copies.


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12 Aullidos –Discography Album LP

Too heavy to be tagged screamo, too all over the place and drawn out in composition to have the concise impact of power-violence, and too modern and freaky in attack to be labeled simply "hardcore".


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