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ZEIT s/t 12”



After one year in collaboration with dingleberry and zeit we'll repress last 12" from zeit!!!

limited edition (100 copies on yellow fluo)

first press was sold out in a week or so... so don't miss it now!!!


ffo: converge, trapthem, cursed and botch

under: posthc, swedish death metal, mathcore, crust


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ZEROID – 2004 LP

Wow, it's their final statement and it's pure destruction. This is the last-ever release,with 8 unique songs after an overwhelming first LP and an outstanding10", of this Hamburg noise merchants. Everything is perfect this time, sound, artwork and packaging. Belief it or not they exceed all expectations and they even beat all their former releases. This is the best they ever made! An amazing farewell anthem. A master-piece of their own created genre. Mistuned depricore. This time even more guitar battles. They started to learn how to kill with their instruments. Really technical, intense and loud. And the drums are the most brutal heard for a long time. Maybe a little Kylesa, Neurosis in addition of Uranus but more dark and intense, no sludge just mayhem.


Warteschleife MP3

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ZETKIN - vanguard MLP

Fed up with apolitical, cynical music without attitude? ZETKIN are here to fulfill your need for a strong message delivered with ripping, thrashing, raging sounds that will fuel your rage. You'll get 4 songs that honour and celebrate militant working class action from the trenches of World War I. to the tunnels of Vietnam. Heavily influenced by early Bay-Area thrash, crust/metal-punk and the crushing sounds of early swedish death-metal. "vanguard" is a musical molotov cocktail that will burn away your resignation and replace it with red hot anger. Raw metal-punk (musicwise like IMPALERS, TOXIC HOLOCAUST or MIDNIGHT etc.) that will make you want to read Marx and join the front lines of class war. Pick up the red flag and become part of the "vanguard"! The one-sided vinyl comes with a screenprinted b-side and includes a digital download card



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ZIPPO - Ode To Maximum 2LP - BLACK VINYL

It’s time to wipe off some dust from this little gem from the Italian Stoner Rock underground, for too long disappeared from the radars.ZIPPO debut album ‘Ode To Maximum’ was recorded in October 2005, exactly 13 years ago, and came out self-released in early 2006, suddenly received with sheer enthusiasm by the heavy music press unanimously.This release comes out with a pachydermic new artwork by DARTWORKS, re-mastered by Tony Reed(Mos Generator, Stone Axe) and featuring two bonus tracks.


Available in 3 color variants:

- "Omega Black" limited to 300 copies
- "Desert Gold" limited to 100 copies
- "Tsunami Dust - Transparent Yellow with Black Marbled" limited to 100 copies. Exclusive

RELEASE DATE: 02.11.2018


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ZODIAC - Menschenstaub LP

Zodiac plays a dark and brutal mix of hardcore and (death) metal, with a crusty side to it, like it was played in Bremen in the 90s (think Carol, Mörser, just with a Swedish touch). Members have been f. e. in Minion and AGE, so you might know, from which direction the storm is blowing. The really good lyrics in German are dealing with personal issues, religion, idiocy of mankind and other fucked up subjects of the human race ...

Recorded and mixed again by Dennis Rademacher (Mörser, Minion, Keitzer etc.) and mastered by Lasse Lammert „Menschenstaub“ has a very organic and brutal sound, fitting exactly to the content of this LP.

The LP contains 10 tracks in 30 minutes on black vinyl, and a 20(!)-pages 12"x12" booklet containing the lyrics and liner notes packed in a beautiful artwork-concept. Again DIYload provides the download codes for the vinyl Edition.

The CD version will come later this year on the legendary ECOCENTRIC RECORDS.


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