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Latest output of Resurrectionists and the last songs from Arse Moreira pressed on a wonderful 6inch vinyl. Resurrectionists start on side a with a slow beginning intro. After around two minutes you ll hear, what you ve expected. Fast, dark and downtuned hardcore/grind/whatever. Well written melody(!) lines, extreme fast drums and this lovely mix of bright and dark vocals. You ll have no break to take a breath. One of their best songs so far. Arse Moreira will contribute two songs to this split. This songs were formally planed to be used for a split with Louise Cyphre. Both songs are really good. Technical and fast played. Wow!. Sometimes they sound like older louise stuff on this songs. Too bad, that this band calls is quit some time ago. The 6” comes with a fitting 6”sleeve. Coverartwork done by Valdimir


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