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STANDING ON A FLOOR OF BODIES – Sacrilegious & Culturally Deficient TAPE



STANDING ON A FLOOR OF BODIES are a two-headed grind assault from Cliff Burton's home town performed by Mike (ex - thousandswilldie) & Bvnny Stitches. Sharp-as-fuck apocalyptic horror grind with absolutely no guitar on the entire recording. Equal parts bass / drums / noise / vocals. Featuring guest vocals by Pete Pontikoff (Benumb) and Feo Beruman (Man Among Wolves / Arise / Old Crow). This record will be the densest batch of brutal, digusting and ugly grindcore you've heard in a long time.

package includes a 17"x11" two-sided fold out poster, full color jcards, and pro-dubbed imprinted cassettes, all designed and laid out by mike stitches. housed in sealed black plastic "body bags". strictly limited to 100.



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SEXPLOSION - Vol. 3: Nouvel Âge Des Ténèbres MC


Sexplosion from France releases their debut album Vol. 3: Nouvel Âge Des Ténèbres on cassette format through Inverted Inhumation. Expect some superb metalpunk for fans of G.I.S.M., Zouo, Discharge and such. 


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SUTEKH HEXEN - “Become” tape

 The final installment presented as a limited c30. Re-mastered for tape/CD by James Plotkin, artwork and layout by Kevin Gan Yuen with source photography by Patricia Cram.

Originally released on 1/4" tape reel by Auris Apothecary, "Become" centers on vortex, repetition, and inducing trance-like states. This release serves to bridge the gap between "Behind the Throne" LP (2012) and "Monument of Decay" EP (3rd quarter 2013).


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